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I frequently teach undergraduate courses in the history of philosophy, most frequently an undergraduate survey of the history of Modern Philosophy (PHL 211), which is offered every Spring semester. Each Spring semester, I also teach the upper-division Metaphysics seminar (PHL 461), which covers two to three topics (e.g., causation and free will) in detail.

I also commonly teach an introductory Logic and Reasoning course (PHL 130), as well as a survey course, Knowledge and Reality (PHL 361), which examines the central problems of metaphysics and epistemology. Another survey course, Paradoxes (PHL 225), provides an overview of the bizarre and fascinating paradoxes that arise in almost every area of philosophical inquiry—some of which might reflect the limits of thought itself.

If you’re a student at MSU interested in any of these topics, I encourage you to contact me! I’m always happy to talk with students to help them figure out what Philosophy classes they would be likely to find most engaging. 

Below is a list of my recent and upcoming courses; the course websites are available to students through

Spring 2024 — PHL 810: Spinoza — PHL 461: Metaphysics

Fall 2023 — PHL 225: Paradoxes — PHL 130: Logic and Reasoning

Spring 2023 — PHL 461: Metaphysics — PHL 211: Modern Philosophy

Fall 2022 — PHL 225: Paradoxes (PHL 225) — PHL 130: Logic and Reasoning